Entrepreneurship: integrity · dedication · determined to forge ahead

Quality: scientific management, standardize the operation, to provide quality products and services

Quality objectives: product qualification rate of 100%, customer satisfaction rate of 100%


Spirit: true, positive, super, Vietnam;

Philosophy: Innovation, change, and the fundamental;

Morality: One hundred flattery is not as sincere as one;

Credit: less commitment, more work, talent, independent of the Commonwealth;

Growth: very people, very costly;

Culture: respect for individuality, integration of views, the pursuit of perfection, reflecting the value

Yongfeng hydraulic has: capable sales force, flexible marketing mechanism, the system of market network, a strong team of experts, the standard perfect personalized service. All of these are Yongfeng Kaijiang soil, a solid foundation for Yongfeng forward to serve the country, a strong guarantee to the world.