The YONG-FENG NC80 digital controlled nut and ferrule crimping machine is primarily used for attaching the sheath to the connector core, in order to create an integrative connector. The crimp range is 4~65mm, and traditional manual adjustment is replaced by the electrical ruler, with a crimping precision of 0.01mm, which is 10 times higher than that of traditional crimpers. The digitally controlled operation panel is easy to operate.


Crimp head materialFORGE STEEL
Crimp range4-65mm
Hose size2"
System pressure31.5Mpa
Crimp force500kN
Standard voltageCustomized
Standard dies10 sets
L x W x H700*750*960mm


1) Digitally controlled nut and ferrule crimping machines features a number of advantages over traditional crimping equipment. The digitally controlled panel features a clear, easy operation, with traditional manual adjustment replaced by a digitally controlled electric ruler with a crimping precision of 0.01mm, which is 10 times better than traditional crimpers.

2) The oil cylinder cover, oil tank and piston rod are made of 40 chromium, with a surface hardness of HRC26-30 and an operation layer hardness of HRC59-63. The hardened layer is 2mm thick. The 40 chromium is high pressure resistant and tear resistant with a great impact absorption and carrying capacity, thus improving the durability of the oil tank and piston rod.

3) Our dies are made of Cr12 die steel, which is extremely durable and abrasion resistant, thus improving the crimping quality and die longevity.


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