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YONG-FENG HYDRAULIC, the professional manufacturer of hydraulic hose crimping machine, hose cutting machine, hose skiving machine, test bench, hoses & fittings assembly and accessories for over 20 years. YONG-FENG HYDRAULIC supply the Portable, On-site mobile, Workshop and Industrial hose crimpers, which have widely used in industries of hydraulic repair service of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, vehicle repair, production of industrial hoses, hydraulic equipments, On-site service, oil fields, mining hydraulic prop, greenhouse, galvanized steel pipes etc.

YONG-FENG HYDRAULIC have covered more than 20 domestic provinces and cities in Chinese markets and exported to more than 100 countries as follows: European market, such as Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Malta; American market, such as Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, Columbia, Canada; Oceania market, such as Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australia; Asia market, such as Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Philippines; Middle East market, such as Kuwait, UAE; African market, such as Algeria, South Africa, and so on.

For QUOTATION: inquiry@yong-feng.com

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